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Sarah Brightman
Sarah Brightman
Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection/Encore

Original Release Date:  October 15, 2002

Track Listing
  • 1. The Phantom of the Opera [From The Phantom of the Opera]
  • 2. Unexpected Song [From Song and Dance]
  • 3. Aspects of Love [From Chanson d'Enfance] [From Aspects of Love]
  • 4. All I Ask of You [From The Phantom of the Opera]
  • 5. Don't Cry for Me Argentina [From Evita]
  • 6. Another Suitcase in Another Hall [From Evita]
  • 7. Aspects of Love [From Love Changes Everything] [From Aspects of Love]
  • 8. Amigos Para Siempre (Friends for Life) [Official Theme of the Barcelona
  • 9. Memory [From Cats]
  • 10. Gus: The Theatre Cat [From Cats]
  • 11. Aspects of Love [From Anything but Lonely] [From Aspects of Love]
  • 12. Macavity: The Mystery Cat [From Cats]
  • 13. Tell Me on a Sunday [From Tell Me on a Sunday/Song and Dance]
  • 14. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again [From Phantom of the Opera]
  • 15. Pie Jesu [From Requiem]
  • 16. The Music of the Night [From Phantom of the Opera]
  • 17. Whistle Down the Wind [From Whistle Down the Wind][#]
  • 18. Away From You [from "Rex"] [From Rex]
  • 19. Guardami (With One Look) (Italian Version)
  • 20. Think of me [From The Phantom of the Opera]
  • 21. One more walk around the garden [From Carmelina][#]
  • 22. Surrender [From Sunset Boulevard]
  • 23. If I ever fall in love again [From the Crooked Mile]
  • 24. Half a moment [From Jeeves]
  • 25. Piano (Memory - Italian Version) [Memory-Italian Version]
  • 26. What more do I need [From Saturday Night Fever]
  • 27. Aspects of Love [From There is Moore to Love] [From Aspects of Love]
  • 28. The last man in my life [From Song and Dance]
  • 29. In the Mandarin's Orchid Garden [From East Is West]
  • 30. Nothing Like You've Ever Known [From Tell Me on a Sunday and Song ...]
  • 31. Chi il bel sogno di doretta [From LA Rondine]
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: Piano, Composer, Producer, Orchestration, Piano Accompanist
  • Stephen Sondheim: Lyricist
  • Cliff Richard: Vocals
  • Tom Waits: Composer
  • Larry Wilcox: Orchestration
  • Michael Crawford: Vocals
  • Sarah Brightman: Vocals, Soprano (Vocal)
  • José Carreras: Vocals
  • Jim Steinman: Lyricist
  • Steve Walsh: Composer
  • John Gielgud: Vocals
  • Sheldon Harnick: Lyricist
  • Steve Barton: Vocals
  • Don Black: Lyricist
  • David Caddick: Conductor, Music Supervisor, Choir Conductor, Musical Supervision, Vocal Conductor
  • David Cullen: Orchestration
  • Ira Gershwin: Lyricist
  • Charles Hart: Composer, Lyricist
  • Dave Hunt: Engineer
  • Alan Jay Lerner: Lyricist
  • Martin Levan: Engineer, ?
  • Steve Margoshes: Orchestration
  • Harry Rabinowitz: Conductor
  • Robin Sellars: Engineer
  • Richard Stilgoe: Composer, Lyricist
  • Nigel Wright: Producer, Orchestration
  • Thomas Z. Shepard: Engineer, Recording
  • Simon Rhodes: Engineer
  • Lewis Mulatero: Photography
  • David Hunt: Engineer
  • Alan Ayckbourn: Lyricist
  • Lee McCutcheon: Assistant Engineer
  • Trevor Nunn: Composer, Lyricist
  • T.S. Eliot: Composer, Text
  • Christopher Hampton: Lyricist
  • Giuseppe Adami: Lyricist
  • Marco Sabiu: Lyric Translation
  • Michael Reed: Conductor, Musical Direction
  • Peter Wildeblood: Lyricist
  • David R. Murray: Producer
  • Simon Fowler: Photography
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